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How do you measure your website’s effectiveness?

Effective website design is a combination of ingredients — a bit like a recipe that’s not so easy to deconstruct. There’s the obvious stuff:

  • esthetically pleasing
  • clean design
  • appealing to your clientele
  • clear calls to action

But there are a surprising number of factors that come into play that you may not consider, essentially usability issues, and this is where it gets trickier.

Your website isn’t a print ad. Most people understand that now, but what it means is that your viewers will see your site — not only in a variety of browsers and on a range of monitor sizes — but they may be trying to learn about you from their iPad or smart phone.

So those are more things to add to the list (and I’m not even scratching the surface here):

  • browsers
  • screens / monitors
  • devices

Visitors also want to engage with you. Have you a framework that allows you to update your website to keep people interested and to present a fuller vision of yourself or your company or organization?

Have you considered (yes, I’m going to say it) social media and how that might work for you and to what degree you want to invest in that method of communicating? Do you invest in professional search engine optimization consultation?

Okay, a few more things there:

  • ease of update
  • social media
  • search engine considerations

That’s a start. It’s rather daunting, at first glance. That’s why — though I certainly understand the budgetary angle — I don’t think a “DIY – do it yourself” approach is  necessarily the smartest or best path to take with a website investment.

You should know I work with a range of clients, with a range of budgets, and my method is to:

  • find out what’s most critical from your point of view
  • consider your unique configuration of parameters as to time, budget, deadline, skill
  • run that through a few dozen filters to craft a unique website that will work for you and your clientele, that’s flexible, and that hits all the key needs you have at this time.

If you aren’t sure your website is all it should be at this point, I invite you to contact me. My estimates are free upon completion of a brief-and-to-the-point worksheet.

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