Scheduled an upgrade yet?

If your site was developed around a WordPress blog, congratulations: it’s a great CMS, with a vibrant and active developer community with tons of feedback and dialogue, and a dedication to always improve.

But if your install isn’t up to date — if you’re running an older version — you might want to read this post from HQ that makes an interesting point about car thefts, The Club, and lojack methods.

Afterwards, come back and mull over this quote:

A stitch in time saves nine. Upgrading is a known quantity of work, and one that the WordPress community has tried its darndest to make as easy as possible with one-click upgrades. Fixing a hacked blog, on the other hand, is quite hard. Upgrading is taking your vitamins; fixing a hack is open heart surgery. (This is true of cost, as well.)

Someone chats with the 17 year old hacker who hacked his blog and asks why.