Is it spelled web site or website?

Glad that’s settled! Following some tweets inquiring as to whether it is more properly “website” or “web site” — the question posted by @jonimueller of Pixelita Designs — I was interested to see an answer as my complete OED dates from the mid-90s and doesn’t include the term.

My own inclinations are more adjectival and less portmanteau-ish but I was glad Shelly (@brassblogs) found this decisive snippet:

How should the term ‘website’ be written in official documents and on the web? Should it be website or web site, and should there be a capital W?

It always takes a little time for new words to settle to a standardized form. Our most recent dictionary, the revised 11th edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, published in July 2004, shows website as the standard form, and future dictionaries will reflect this.

We recommend capital initials for Internet, World Wide Web, the Web, but not for individual sites.