Not so Flash

During the first decade of this century, Flash technology was ubiquitous on websites. It was exciting to many, allowing for animation, scripting, interactive applications, and games playing. It could enable your website to do more than just “sit there”. It certainly had its day; I worked in it from time to time. However, two trends […]

Google Analytics: as big as you want it to be

Most website owners agree that it’s useful to have some information about who’s visiting your site and what they’re doing while they’re there. Google Analytics is a well-known free solution that is easily incorporated within your site’s pages as we conclude the “Step 3: Finishing” phase of your site’s design and development.  Let’s talk about […]

park bench in snow

How do you measure your website’s effectiveness?

Effective website design is a combination of ingredients — a bit like a recipe that’s not so easy to deconstruct. There’s the obvious stuff: esthetically pleasing clean design appealing to your clientele clear calls to action But there are a surprising number of factors that come into play that you may not consider, essentially usability […]