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Book design/layout

Book layout projects are currently suspended while I work on some of my own projects. Contact me if you want me to let you know when I’m again available.

Your book is ready to publish! You’ve finished your book. At this point, please picture me offering you an enthusiastic handshake of congratulations. You’ve spent hundreds of hours researching, compiling, drafting, rewriting, reconsidering, doubting, exulting … and you are ready to bring it to market, to share it with the world.

I am ready to help you. Whether you choose publish-on-demand or choose to print a run, I can provide you a finished PDF product that will meet specifications with no nasty surprises and no need for further exertion on your part. If you need cover art, let me take care of that for you, too.

Please contact me and let me help you check that last item off your list.