Hosting services for design clients

If you’re a website design/development client, you’ve probably been offered the choice of hosting your site with CFDS. This is your option, but it has these benefits:

  • I’ve spent over 15 years seeking out the best hosting experience and have high confidence in the reliability and quality of my uplink hosting provider. You can benefit from that research and experience.
  • Your fees are competitive and reasonable. They’re not the cheapest, but sometimes there’s a painful hidden price that comes with choosing the cheapest provider.
  • You get Premium Hosting Service at no additional charge — more on that below.

Your hosting package price will be dependent upon the combination of server space you use and bandwidth your site consumes. If you’re just starting with CFDS, we might not have solid statistics, so I’ll take a good guess. We can reevaluate your server/bandwidth usage at any time after the first billing period to make sure it’s the appropriate package of your site.

Premium Hosting Services

You won’t have to manage your own WordPress and related upgrades. I’ll monitor that for you and make sure you’re always up to date with the latest and most secure iterations of your site’s framework and related services.