These are services or products I recommend to my clients and peers. I’ve used them myself, often after examining alternatives and finding them lacking — or finding services I’d previously thought well of deteriorate in quality after a buy-out or re-org. These companies just get better and better.

 NameCheap for domain name registration

namecheapI’ve been registering (“buying”) domains, personally and professionally, since Network Solutions was the only game in town, any domain cost $100, and there was little or no choice of TLD (“top level domains” — what comes after the dot). As such, I’ve dealt with good service, bad service, abysmal service, and service that used to be good but is now crummy. No one compares with NameCheap. The name put me off at first, but they are good. They have good prices. Their service people are courteous and helpful. Their website clean and clear.

Get your domain name at NameCheap.

Business cards and other print collateral from MOO

MOO - they love to print!They have a funny name but their products are top notch. Every time I’ve recommended them to an associate or client, they’ve been happy with what they received. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re not incredibly expensive either — especially for the quality of their products. And if you’re going to give someone a business card — you want to make the right impression, don’t you?

Go to MOO for your business cards and related products.

MailBigFile for transferring files, especially big ones

A quick & easy way to send large files - simply MailBigFileI’ve used other services over the many years I’ve been working online but MailBigFile have stood the test. You can sign up for a free account — for free, no time limit. But additional services come with a modest Pro account. For heavy users, check into the Business or BusinessLite options. They’re responsive and most of all: dependable.

Try out MailBigFile